Indignant People

We are living in very intense times. The sorrows and events are so many that they come in a rush all at once. How people perceive these events, now that is a different matter. Here, most people’s lived are so complicated that between getting food, repairing their house and the challenges of transport, they barely have time to watch a soap opera or a baseball game, before starting the same cycle the following day. Only a minority of people, after their daily chores, have time to think. And this is when they run into a short circuit with the government: They look for who’s responsible for the economic failure, they wonder why there is no freedom, and they question the failure to comply with current laws.

This last week we witnessed an unusual event. For three consecutive days we saw the Ladies in White on the news. As presented on the news, it seems that the Ladies exist for the purpose of bothering people. As I heard a commentator on The Round Table say, “If they would request visits and medical care for their family members, the same treatment other prisoners receive, it would be a just demand. But no, they want freedom for their prisoners who committed the crime of expressing criticism against the government. And that is a provocation that the government cannot allow!”

The ordinary citizen, perplexed in front of the television, would have to ask himself what those ladies with the gladioli have done to deserve the threatening mob that surrounds them? Brooding before those images, he would wonder if that mob screaming insults is the weapon that the government uses to defend itself. He would not escape the observation that this citizenry lacks the spontaneity of an indignant people. Nor would the presence of the police force — as a part of setting the scene — go unnoticed. That is what he saw. And he would continue straight to the kitchen to heat the bath water while commenting to his wife, “You can see that these people have no idea what to do with those women.”

Translate by: Mari Mesa Contreras