1. Blackouts are going to be terrible, we will return to the Special Period.

2. They are saying they “are going to enact” a law saying that those who became Spanish citizens will have to give up their Cuban citizenship and live like foreigners.

3. Straight from the horse’s mouth: Here comes the monetary unification in a ratio of 10 to 1.

4. I heard that the new coin is going to be called “Mambí”. Can you imagine all the things we can do with a mambí?

5. Stamp it, is the last ration book.

6. Listen, they are going to prohibit all college graduates from leaving the country for personal reasons.

All those speculations can be heard on the street. And what they have in common is the lack of optimism. In all these years we Cubans have got used to the fact that “rumors” are an advance of what it will come later.

The National Assembly ordinary session went unnoticed this time. The best of what I heard is not speculation but precise, and here it is:

– My friend, are you still discussing a Traffic law? Wouldn’t it be more logical that you’d have discussed the Traffic Law? (*)

(*) The Road and Transit Law was discussed in the last meeting of sessions of the National Assembly, although its passing was postponed.

Translated by: Josema