College Students

These days the subject of college admission is often heard in the street.  The results of entrance exams are catastrophic, and although this has caused a commotion among the ones who failed and their family members, seen from afar it’s not that surprising.  Our students receive a third-rate education and have to face a first-rate exam.  I speak from experience, my son having gone to high school.  During his three years of basic secondary education he had young teachers who were unqualified and didn’t have the necessary motivation to teach, let alone educate.

Upon his admittance to pre-university, I thought he would receive better instruction by having teachers who had graduated college, but it’s rare that a week goes by and classes aren’t canceled for some other reason besides teaching.  And, rare is the day that all shifts are covered.  My son gets good grades, but right now he’s just not able to pass the Higher Education Entrance Exam.  Moreover, I doubt he’ll pass the Secondary Education Exam, so I guess he should (his mom and dad, too) “get ready for what’s to come.”

Here’s where Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection comes into play.  In this case, it’s whether students possess extraordinary study skills or whether their family acts as the teacher at home or can pay for private tutoring sessions to review.

There’s also an element that’s not related to academic results and it has to do with an old phrase that’s fallen into disuse, but has become quite a common expression heard from the mouth of the present Minister of Higher Education:  “College is for revolutionaries.”, which means he who is the most steadfast can prevail, not necessarily the most apt, as dictates evolutionary theory.  It’s just more fuel added to the fire of a double standard!

Translated by: Jonathan