Reggaeton in Two Times

It’s hard to have seen music videos on TV in the last few months without having seen the popular new video clip from reggaeton musician Baby Lores. In Creo, Lores professes his faith in the government with text and images.  The video wouldn’t catch my attention that much if it weren’t from a musician whose image has always been closer to that of a reggaeton musician’s from New York:  designer clothing, bling bling, limousine, and a bodyguard, and as a kind of coda, in one of his performances he managed to charge 100 CUC per ticket, in this country where a first-rate surgeon earns the equivalent of 50 CUC monthly.  In short, Baby Lores is, (or was, I don’t know yet, you’ll soon understand my confusion), the antithesis of the new man.  Is it the same Lores, now in austerity with the Cuban flag in the background, who looks at us while he gets a tattoo of Fidel Castro on his arm?  Lores isn’t that convincing, therefore the parody circulating on flash drives and AV equipment didn’t surprise me: the Pichy Boys having a good time and poke fun of him.  After laughing at the cheekiness of the images, I realized that Baby Lores may have brand name clothing and garments, and even those tattoos, that if seriously real can’t be removed.  But he’s missing something very valuable and timely: a watch, a watch, yes, because the time of Creo is in the past.

Translation by: JN