Yes We Can!

The Congress of Cuban Farmers will take place between the 15th and 16th of May.  To enhance the event, brief announcements are broadcast on TV; a few rural scenes appear with the number 49 superimposed over the entire screen with an off-screen voice saying: “Forty-nine years of demonstrating that yes we can!”

Forty-nine years demonstrate that:

Yes we can discourage farmers with a nuisance called “ACOPIO” (Cuba’s State Procurement and Distribution Agency).

Yes we can can cover most arable land with the marabou weed.

Yes we can lack meat and vegetables in a once-agricultural country.

Yes we can destroy sugar and the sugar industry in what was once a sugar-producing country

Yes we can destroy cattle and coffee.

Yes we can manage to raise the cost of products that used to cost cents to several pesos.

And that you have to be shameless to be able to say: “Forty-nine years of demonstrating that yes we can!”

Translated by HEFA