Reactions that won’t appear on the news / Regina Coyula

I was in the salon stretching my feet, and although some of the women there had never heard a thing about Alan Gross and acknowledged their inability to recite the names of “The Five,” the news of the re-establishment of relations with the United States was greeted with jubilation by that heterogeneous group, and yes, there was unanimity in that. While one threw kisses to the image of Obama on Telesur, I had to slightly cool the enthusiasim of those who thought (and it was more than a few) that reestablishing relations and lifting the embargo were the same thing.

The best was the only male, a young man who was getting a complicated haircut with designs. The triumphant boy rose from his seat at the risk of ruining the hairdresser’s work and raised his arms as if he’d scored a goal, with the phrase: “This is our Berlin Wall!”

17 December 2014


One thought on “Reactions that won’t appear on the news / Regina Coyula

  1. It was a historic day yesterday, and apart from a small clique in Miami, the jubilation was universal. I had arrived in Miami the night before, the entire day I was dancing and crying. It was good to read your blog as well as your comments on BBC, and also i read some of your spanish ‘voces” in BBC. I had a chance to meet you and Sr. A, many years ago when I began teaching in Havana, I still maintain my strong connection to the “Isla Rica”. Happy and optimistic and realistic days are ahead but Yesterday was a historic one.

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