A Mucker or A Matancero* / Regina Coyula

As much as I try to reconstruct that image of a famous former baseball player who, in the middle of The Special Period, gave my little boy and I a lift, and with such courtesy drove out of his way to drop me off, I can’t reconcile myself with the manager of Matanzas’ baseball team.  An explosive player, a restless personality, he has the undeniable merit of having shaken up the drowsy Matanzas team, but none of this precludes that as a manager he’s a boorish, ill-mannered buffoon.  The work of a manager extends beyond directing a team; and on the subject of the shaping of values and acting as good example to his devotees, Víctor Mesa isn’t only baffling, he also gives the impression that he’s out to prove his contempt for the rules… and for the press.

I can imagine the hopes of matanceros, but I’ll be very happy if Villa Clara wins.

*Translator’s note: matancero is the demonym for residents of Matanzas.

Translated by: El Monaguillo

17 June 2013


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