And the Cable?

July is almost over and I have not heard or read anything about the operation of fiber optic cable which, with great optimism and media hype, was laid between Cuba and its Bolivarian sister [Venezuela]. In military life I imagine  they’ve finished the implementation plan, but must be keeping it secret like all things there. In civilian life, the authorities in charge take prophylactic measures. The departments with access to the Internet apply new versions to stop recording the sites their surfers access, and to more carefully wipe clean their browsing history, because this makes you a candidate for losing your connection time, the nightmare of any “State” navigator.

The cable couldn’t be the exception to Cuban plans, whose completion date is set by the turn of events and does not adhere to any reality. That must be the explanation for it being the end of July and civilians continuing to get slow connections, very slow.

July 29 2011


One thought on “And the Cable?

  1. I am just starting to read your blog to increase my knowledge of Cuba. Very interesting day to day thoughts.

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