Plain Press, Lousy Press

I understand that being a poor and blockaded country our main newspaper does not have an attractive layout in color and is reduced to eight pages in a small format. What I can’t understand is how they manage to fill this small space with reports of our international health workers, of our notable advances in agriculture, with some critical comment about the end of the Empire, and if they mention the Empire they never fail to report on the five Cubans imprisoned in U.S. jails.

The news as such always appears in a small column titled “Direct Son” on an interior page. I can’t fail to mention the “Reflections” of the fragment from some ancient speech of Fidel’s where he warns you that the construction of socialism is not the work of weeks, nor months, nor even two years. Blas Rocas has even been in the news these days with an emphatic fragment about what we owe the Soviet Union.

For those who haven’t been to Cuba, when a friend travels where you are, ask them for a copy of the newspaper Granma, so you can understand my confusion.


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