Bad Times

First I had a leak in the kitchen roof and another in the little library room where my husband works. Then the sink drain went on the fritz and was wired together to stop the drips. Now it’s hit my computer. Must be a virus, one of those that installs itself in the hard drive, but I’m desperate and cursing my failure with Rafael who came with some memory to record music or some endless Japanese animations, since it has four gigabytes of Naruto. But that’s it. I will install a password and erase everything that isn’t mine, except Chessbase at the supplication of Rafa. If I’m left without a machine I’m left without a voice, I’m already disconnected from life without  telephone, let alone an internet connection. I live with an obsession that isn’t easy to break. Having my blog reminds me of when I smoked. I could get by without a cigarette if I knew I had some in the carton, but if there weren’t any, I snapped at everyone. With the machine broken, it’s as if I really wanted a smoke.


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