Happy Times

In summer, months in which we Cubans can enjoy a varied selection of fruits and vegetables to complement the healthy food that doctors recommend, even on television, the expected produce hasn’t appeared, despite the fact that there haven’t been any hurricanes, nor torrential rains nor notable cold spells. We have some discolored tomatoes, some anorexic peppers, and some cheating cabbages: greenish-white on the outside and black inside; vegetables that from their appearance and price seem to have been imported from North Korea. The oranges were like fireworks: bright but brief.

We’re in June now and I still haven’t eaten a mango or mamey, because the prices are beyond my reach. Since the hurricanes two years ago we haven’t seen any decent bananas.  Remember that song by Félix B. Caignet where he sang, “Caney of the East…”? The song talks about marañones and mamoncillos, fruits my son wouldn’t recognize.

Could it be that this lack of produce has something to do with the blockade and the imperialist threat? Failure to guarantee the daily salad. Beans and cucumbers are sporadic, beets are on vacation.

Like the Cubans we are we have shown great patience, hoping by next summer to see a decent salad on the table.


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