Domestic Economy

Photo caption: Your cold beer here and your stolen pants to the side.

On the news on June 10 they were walking about the revitalization of the commercial network in national money. As an example, they cited the open market in the old Ten Cent at 23rd in el Vedado. They interviewed the buyers there and the journalist remarcked on the modest prices of what was for sale.

Here are the low prices that I could cull from the report:

Canned soda 10.00

Canned papaya 185.00 (no small cans)

Tomato puree 130.00 (same as above)

Onion paste 14.00

Egg 1.50

Mocha panetela cake 20.00

Tatianoff pastry 25.00

Pasta sauce 18.00

It’s true that these products are more expensive in the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) markets, but the adjective “more” is not in proportion to the salaries, and they do not offer many essential items for which you must shop in the CUC markets, where they have turned off the air conditioning and they don’t give you bags, but the prices rise, as in the strange case of vegetable oil which recently went up from 2.10 to 2.30 CUCs per liter.

One more example of our achievements.

It is true that those products on the foreign exchange market are more expensive, but the adjective is more modest, there is no proportion to wages, and do not offer many essential items for which depends on the foreign exchange market, which have removed the air conditioning and do not give you crates, but prices rise, as the strange case of vegetable oil that have recently raised the price of 2.10 to 2.30 CUC per liter. Another example of our achievements.


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