Grammar and Mechanics

In the media of my country we have been hearing a lot about all the variants of the verb recover.  It’s used in conjugations, in the infinitive form, or in substantive form.  We will recover all idle agricultural lands, we are struggling to recover our construction and housing capacity, we impose the recovery of the quality of education, we should recover the ethics of the gastronomic and service sectors. That is all very well, but I ask myself if those journalists who engage in the usage of that vocabulary end up waking up after a dream, or maybe they just got to this country and do not know about its lamentable state and are looking in all the wrong places.

It is perceived that the orientation is centered on giving an image of optimism and of creative initiative like the productive achievements of a yoke to a poor old cow which no longer provides milk to a good ox.

I don’t know, I don’t feel infected by the enthusiasm of the media which I have at my disposal.  I make more of a connection with a comparison which was made for me during the days of the investigation which led to the post Theatrical May.  A mechanic I was talking to simply summed it up: When the motor of a car breaks down, you repair it; if it’s the carburetor or the spark-plug, same thing;  if the car rusts, there is always the body shop. But if you have that all at the same time, and in addition need to add new tires, fix the transmission, seal the seats, and change the wipers, then it’s irrecoverable.

Translated by Raul G.

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