Because of my endemic misinformation, I don’t know if it is true or not what is being said in the street about the waterfront dock workers who refused to load a boat with rice, saying that if the people don’t have enough to eat, how could they send that cereal, so important on our table, outside.

In one version they told me it was to pay a debt, in another, that it was bound for Haiti.

If it was to pay a debt, then our bankruptcy is worse than I thought, because if you spend millions on foreign exchange in order to buy basic foodstuffs, then exporting rice as a means of exchange sounds like a desperate measure.

And if it was for the poor Haitians who are going through extreme hardship, I find it a very bad political decision right at the time when rice, going for 3.50 pesos per pound in national currency on the free market, has reached between 10 and 15 pesos a pound on the black market.

In Cuba, where for many years mentioning the word strike could be synonymous with counterrevolution, this act of the port workers is a precedent, and serves as a thermometer for gauging the thinking of our working people.


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