Theatrical May

For those who did not see images of the May 1st march in Cuba, I shall tell you that the Plaza of the Revolution was packed with joyful people.  They took up their flags and signs which contained slogans against- what else would it be- the media campaign against Cuba. A short 7 minute documentary, which proved that those who were interviewed harbored such ignorance that it led to the failure of the project which tried to display this country as the most learned of the world, gave me an idea.  Those same ignorant people from the documentary, when asked about the wall between the US and Australia, simply repeated the political discourse that is expected in Cuba when someone speaks in front of a camera.  That memorized discourse led me to ask around:  1)  What does the terrible and famous media campaign consist of? and 2) What is its origin?

I’ll tell you.  In regards to speaking badly of the European Union and the United States, there was a 100% agreement with state propaganda.  With mediocre words, according to the capabilities of each, the whole world repeated the headlines of our press.  Where it really “went down” was in the second question.  A lady told me that it was all because of the 5 Heroes, another mentioned the Ladies in White.  Two people actually chose Obama as the culprit.  A forty-year old man mentioned the prisoner of the hunger strike but later excused himself for not remembering his name, and another told me: For that dead guy. The majority, however, did not even answer that second question as if it dealt with something very difficult.

The majority of the people I wished to ask evaded with faces that seemed to say don’t ask me that.  A young woman who was waving her fan in the air responded “correctly” as I finalized my inquiry.

“Why are you asking me this?”

“I’m curious.”

“Did someone send you to ask me?”

“Where would they send me from?”

“From the Faculty!”

At this point I told her I was doing it for myself because I had a blog and wanted to write about this.  Upon hearing the word “blog” she moved her head as if she was nodding.  When I finished my explanation the girl addressed me using the informal “you.”

“Look”, she said, “I want to protect myself without any problems.  And if I want to apply to get a degree in Europe or Canada, I should not be loud-mouthed, if I am the Faculty won’t give me the approval.  Please excuse me for not giving you my name.”

I am not Gallup, neither do I pretend to know the truth, but comparing my pocket poll with that May 1st parade, we Cubans could win an Oscar, or at least an Emmy, for our acting skills.

Translated by Raul G.


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