A very dear person came to my house, concerned after having seen a video of mine on the internet in which I was described as “the Cuban dissident blogger.” I was amused because it must be a video that I recorded for my cousin Amy and I thank the Miami bloggers for putting my family in California in touch with my blog. Nothing political, as I recall. After the visit, the term “dissident” left me thinking.

In Cuba there is no opposition. No well-intentioned, well-born person could depart from the official line. Only people without scruples, selfish and ambitious, are capable of setting themselves apart and choosing a different path.

It amounts to a social handicap. You become invisible to many friends and neighbors, your family counsels you. You are under scrutiny by the political police.  Low intensity scrutiny like CDR reporting on persons entering and leaving, and the license plates of cars that visit you, things like that. Intensive scrutiny that includes being followed, having the telephone tapped and mail opened, official summonses and arrests. And if you become a well-known figure, they will outline a plan to discredit you, to delve into your past, and if they don’t find anything they can use, they can always fall back on the old standby: The CIA pays its mercenaries.

I knew all this. So no advice from people close to me could change my decision. It is ridiculous to hear that “the enemies of the revolution” intend to return the country to the situation of 1958, as if the world had stopped then.

Will the dissidents head up the change? I don’t think so, but thanks to them (or to their blame) the trail will be blazed, the keys will be clearer, and we can, finally! attempt a country with all and for the good of all.

Translated by: Tomás A.


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