Hunger as a Weapon

One of the few advantages of having a blog without Internet access is that I don’t feel influenced by what people write on other opinion sites.  I don’t generate news, I only comment on what I have, more or less: television, the neighborhood, myself. These days many people must be talking about Guillermo Fariñas in a world where even the official media mentions him. I have become very suspicious every time some institution or some figure uses extreme adjectives whether for or against. For me, the most important thing in the case of Fariñas is not whether he has a criminal record, here it is easy to accumulate common crimes if you are an active member of the opposition; as there are no political prisoners, they make the laws fit to apply the punishments.

Purely coincidentally, while I was looking for information in the book, “The Dissidents,” edited in 2003, I ran across photos of a hunger strike held by various dissidents among whom appeared Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who was identified by name.  Didn’t they say he was a common criminal making impossible demands?

Zapata and Fariñas share a trait: Will.  Categorizing people as mercenaries, people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for an idea, a slow and painful death, only denigrates those who characterize them as such.

Translated by Hank


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