I would like my readers to answer:

Who was it who exposed the CIA plan against Cuba signed by Eisenhower?

And the GAL* scandal in Spain?

And that of Rodney King in the United States?

And in the world, what happened at Abu Grahib?

And Operation Condor* in Latin America?

And that the British government knew that Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction?

Who provoked the resignation of the American president Richard Nixon?

In which prison is Michael Moore for his documentaries?

Also, I am asking myself: How did the public learn about the sinking of the tugboat 13 de Marzo*?

And the jailing, all for the same reason, of the 75 peaceful opponents?

And Zapata’s hunger strike?

And the dead of Mazorra?

And the indignant people vs. the Ladies in White?

Please, help me with my faulty memory.

Translator’s Notes:
GAL (Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación, Antiterrorist Liberation Groups)  was secretly established and financed by officials within the Spanish Ministry of the Interior to fight and sometimes kill members of the Basque terrorist group- exposed by the Spanish daily El Mundo.
Operation Condor was a campaign of political kidnapping and repression of the 70’s that resulted in the disappearance and death of unknown thousands within Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil.
13 de Marzo was a tugboat sunk by the Cuban government, resulting in the drowning of close to 40 people trying to leave the island, many of them children.

Translated by ricote


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