Dreaming in Colors

Today my city was blue.  The Industriales played Villa Clara for the championship and although the game is over in the center of the island, with so many people dressed in the color of the capital team, it seemed that they were playing at the home stadium here in Cerro.  I like baseball, I’ve taken up this old love thanks to my son, since my husband has never been interested.

And yes, I root for the Industriales.  I would love it if they win, to the extent that I approached the group at Central Park where an animated discussion amongst the fans of both teams was taking place, it made me smile.   I took a few photos and continued walking.

But what use would it be to root for the Industriales if there were not others rooting for Santiago, or Villa Clara or whatever other team, or those like my husband who doesn’t like baseball at all.

Blue, green, orange, brown, red, and so many others, gives a sense of unity among diversity. I like all colors! In baseball, and in politics.

Translated by ricote


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