Reporters Without Borders: New Directions

A very interesting direction has come to the neighborhood Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs). They should be alert and vigilant to a new form of enemy activity. Through an organization called Reporters Without Borders, people from outside the area establish relationships with the neighbors, ask them about the problems, and right there begin to record the conversation for later publication outside Cuba which presents a distorted image of reality. Also these enemies record foreign conversations where people exchange complaints about daily life with the same ignoble purposes. We must be very careful.

So much for the direction.

To see matters of interest to the enemy in the conversations of neighbors and retirees, is to confuse cause and effect. If the difficulties of life in Cuba are matters of interest to unofficial journalism it must be because official journalism offers an image of unity and unanimity, a picture of happy people whose work provides social satisfaction and personal fulfillment, an image of a society that has bet on a perfect social system.

If all this were true, this disturbing organization Reporters Without Borders could talk with anyone in the street without raising the suspicions of the comrades of the Defense Committees.


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