Democratic Elections

Compared to other years, I had noticed a significant increase in preliminary information about the elections of delegates from the districts and from the Municipal Assemblies. Several times a day they aired some televised dramatizations in which a young man with whom it is difficult to identify, educates us in the values that should distinguish a delegate.

What happened in the meeting to nominate candidates for COR 9, District 47, in the Punta Brava People’s Council of the Municipality  La Lisa, is a likely explanation for the propaganda-filled display of my suspicion: The nomination for the candidacy for delegate of a citizen who doesn’t even belong to the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution [CDR] and is a party-member, however not of a party recognized by the government. This citizen enjoys prestige among his neighbors and the announcement of his candidature is a source of nervousness for the political leaders in the area; but they have to maintain the veneer of legality of the process — they are instructed in this as something they must never fail in — so they discredit the nominee, and look for a counterpart, an alternative, another person who is politically correct.  But Silvio Benítez can not be chosen.

After the nominations, the vote. A vote so popular that even strangers to the place involved. Counting the votes of raised hands. Silvio loses. The 60% who abstained speaks of neighbors who did not dare to vote for Silvio, but who did not support the official nominee.

For those who know how to read: a victory for Silvio.


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