Shared Island

I don’t get tired of marveling at how the Internet makes people with common interests come together.  Seeing the map of the visitors, the happiness of a map all dotted in red like the common measles, examining the map gives me a rare thrill.  I think about the pain in the diaspora of my country, of the dozens and even hundreds of miles of those emigrants who put up with the distance and they connect with Cuba through the island’s bloggers; as is logical, the great majority of the “hits” come from the U.S.; but in countries like New Zealand, Zimbabwe, some little islands, almost atolls in the Pacific, I see a red point and I say to myself: that is a Cuban, a Cuban who at best had very bad experiences before getting away from Cuba, a Cuban that found a job and a decent life; and nevertheless continues having the bug for Cuba deep within.  There are those who skip and applaud when the Cubans win in the Olympic games or the Baseball Classic; and some will tell me about the manipulation in the sport and about our false amateurs, but I am not referring to that, I’m referring to the fact that in spite of knowing that, it is not possible to avoid happiness, because Cuba, distant friends, is much more than the mere propoganda, and many have adopted a new citizenship, grateful to the country that took them in, but from the 4 corners of the world they keep an eye (with spirit and help) on what happens here.  To all of you, thank you very much, not for reading me, but for not cutting that Ariadne’s thread that will bring you back to us.

Translated by: BW


2 thoughts on “Shared Island

  1. We readers of your blog are not all Cubans.

    However, like many others have throughout history, we visited Cuba and fell in love with the people, history, culture, music and everything else (including blogs).

  2. Hello Regina,
    Like Antonio, I have emotional ties to Cuba. As a young kid, I’ve dreamt to visit Cuba. Then, during these past ten years, I befriended Cubans and then life granted me my wish and I’ve visited Cuba many times. When asked how I could define myself I simply say Cubana en mi alma y my corazón.
    Of all the people I’ve met Cubans come first.
    I love your blog and love your way of describing life.
    Un abrazo desde Canada

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