But it Moves

In this Gothic version of Sleeping Beauty that is Cuba, a secret sap is infiltrating the social fabric and contaminating it. Modern information technologies are to blame. Radio Bemba* with images that propagate from hand to hand in geometric progression. Two unrelated neighbors told me that they had seen me. And in both (one woman, one man) I detected joy, complicity. But I also noticed fear.  Fear has been the greatest achievement of totalitarianism. Because of fear, the average citizen overestimates the possibility of being monitored, reaching heights of science fiction. Such paranoia achieves a goal. My neighbors read me, admire me for what I do, agree with me even when I “raise the stakes”; but when I invited them to emulate me they used this line: “You can Regina, because you have nothing to lose.”  All of us always have something to lose, but I said nothing. I also used to be paralyzed, not that I have become reckless, but I write, and in my space of freedom I feel good about myself. A reader told me here on the blog that the Cuban is not a coward, but has lost hope. But the secret sap spreads.

*Translator’s note: “Radio Bemba” is Cuban slang for “the word on the street” or “the rumor mill” but is used in this instance in a high-tech context.

Translated by: Tomás A.


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