Let me tell you something about the content of Noticias Estelar (Star News) on TV Thurs, Feb 18.  The news stories are in the order in which they were given.

A commemorative plaque was granted to Fidel and Raul for the 50th anniversary of the creation of the National Aquarium.

The Bolivian President Evo Morales called to dignify the justice system.

Strong rains in Bolivia.  In spite of that, the Cuban doctors continue their humanitarian work (the news isn’t the rain, it’s the doctors).

The United Nations Commission for Climate Change denounced the failure of the summit in Copenhagen and the position of the ALBA countries to reject the accord.

A pilot left a suicide note on the Internet and smashed his plane into an office building in Texas.  Sports.  The national baseball series and departure of a Cuban cyclist.

Cuban doctors and graduates of ELAM helped Haiti strengthen the health conditions of its country. 1,439 Cuban doctors continue their work despite a large part of the international medical help already having left Haiti.

The nutritional product factory of Majagua, Ciego de Avila, one of the most productive factories in the territory reports that the processing of 2500 hundred-weights of tomatoes for pasta and puré is at risk because of the drought.

Weather Report

Cuban doctors studied people with disabilities in the Equatorial Amazon.

Cancun received a group from Rio.  They project a new regional block without Canada and the United States.  They are looking for consensus on climate change, narco-trafficking and other issues.  The new group will be participants with other regional blocks and countries.  At the moment of its creation, the economic crisis, climate and paradigms converged (?).  Honduras was not invited.

Culture: The Book Fair: Presentation of the book Encuentro con la verdad (Meeting With the Truth) by Commander of the Revolution Guillermo García with preface by Raúl Castro. Victoria de los caidos (Victory of the Fallen) by  Delio Gómez Ochoa about the 1959 anti-Trujillista expedition.  Retamar presented Poesía nuevamente reunida (Poetry Newly Reunited).  Exposition Playback by Artists from the AHS (Association of Saiz Brothers) reviewing posters of socialist realism in their original versions (Soviet).

Report about the 50th anniversary of the Aquarium.  Not to missed archive image of Fidel visiting the Aquarium.

So finalizing the Star broadcast.

(A rarity: Hugo Chavez and Venezuela weren’t mentioned.)

Translated by BW


One thought on “News

  1. Gabe

    Estimada Senora:

    Antes de todo, quiero que sepa, cuanto admiro y aprecio
    su blog. Es informativo y muy bien escrito.

    En su post reciente, ‘El mantra y la necesidad’ usted dijo que “Para mi pesar, el periódico Granma es el único al que ocasionalmente tengo acceso”.

    Yo estaria disponilble a enviarle por correo electronico, otros
    periodicos de otros paises, si a ud. le gustaria recibirlos.
    Si me deja saber, algunos de los temas y periodicos (New York Times, El Pais, El Universal, etc.) No es problema
    para mi copiar y enviarselos a Ud. Obiamente, sin fotos
    ni graficas, para que le sea mas facil “download”.

    Mi espanol no esta muy bueno, pero estoy disponible en
    mandarles estos articulos de periodicos en ingles o espanol.
    Siga adelante con su buen trabajo.

    Vaya con Dios.

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