Reading My Readers

I can’t read the reader’s comments on-line during the infrequent occasions  I have been able to log on to the Internet because the connection is slow and expensive.  I copy the comments and I dedicate myself to reading them later.  In general, they are encouraging and you have no idea how much I appreciate them, how much they stimulate me.  But other comments make me feel like I am in a personal limbo.

Twenty years ago, I turned in my resignation from the Ministry of the Interior, and though continuing to be a member of the PCC (Communist Party of Cuba), I refused to take part in the Rapid Response Brigade. I left the Party 18 years ago in spite of many people counseling me that I couldn’t do it because I was an activist in a neighborhood center and my neighbors would “point the finger at me.”

My way of thinking didn’t change overnight while I slept, nor in a fit of illumination; many times I felt like I was betraying everything I had believed in.  I respect everybody who saw everything clearly from the beginning, like I respect the common citizenry who sincerely support the government.

Ten years ago  my neighbors pegged me as one of those “about Human Rights,” a generic name in Cuba for someone who maintains a posture overtly anti-government.  And nevertheless… nevertheless, some commentators hark back to my past and based on what they learned from my profile and from some post, they demonize me and even talk about the danger I represent to the other bloggers. Others use bad words and disrespectful phrases.  I don’t consider moderating the blog comments; if I want democracy, I will leave both the comments that I like and those I don’t like, though do remember: they are posted under pseudonyms and from outside Cuba where it is very easy to give your opinion.  We welcome this opportunity to exchange ideas, not insults.

Translated by BW


2 thoughts on “Reading My Readers

  1. Querida Regina,

    Mi espaniol es muy mal, pero puedo leer tu blog con la ayuda de GoogleTranslate — y un poco sin, tambien.

    No entiendo de verdad como es posible ser tan valiente como tu. Yo apoyo que yo seria valiente si pensaba que no tengo nada a perder, pero no creo que este es tu situacion exactamente… por tanto lo que tienes es verdadera la coraje y la fuerza porque tu insistes y persiste en escribir y firmar sin mentir.

    Voy a visitar en Cuba el proximo mes. Puedo conocerte? Soy mujer de tu edad, tambien escritora y madre de adolescente (hija).

    Saludos cordiales,

  2. Hola Regina !
    Voy estar en Havana en Abril. Es possible conocerte ??
    Soy de Irlanda y me interessa todos los cambios que pasa ahora en Cuba.

    me encanta tu blog !!


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