Other People’s Misfortune, Other People’s Shame

To express what the images transmit after the earthquake in Haiti is impossible. I followed the news broadcast on Cuban TV, the only one I have access to, and also on the night time broadcast on the Telesur station, even though Telesur is censored in Cuba, and although I have no other sources of information, my experience of reading between the lines told me that something was missing in news about the U.S. invasion of Haiti. I had trouble finding a logical explanation, what interest does such a poor benighted country hold for the mighty United States?

But technologies are tremendous and in a flash-memory stick I had access to a story that has been carefully kept from us: the agreements between Obama and Preval for the reconstruction of Haiti. When I read the document I understood the essence of the “invasion”: to ensure that the substantial relief gets to where it is most needed in a country where even the local government has collapsed.

How can you organize, how can you contain the anxious and starving people, how can you prevent the looting and rampant crime after the collapse of Port-au-Prince’s prison? I can think of no other way than an army, and an army also has the technology to operate in abnormal conditions.  Also, I found out that difficulty of landing aircraft carrying help  was due to  a congested airspace and not due to the whims of the “invaders.”

My patience reached a boiling point when I heard the international affairs commentator on the Cuban television news, “he says, and this is not a lie,” that some scientists have reported the possibility that the earthquake in Haiti has been one more of the meteorological events that the U.S. government can trigger when it faces adverse geopolitical conditions. It does not surprise me to find individuals subscribing to this conspiracy theory on the internet, but to broadcast this on national TV … It is shameful to take advantage of someone’s misery to speak evil of the enemy.

Translated by: LJM


One thought on “Other People’s Misfortune, Other People’s Shame

  1. Gracias de nuevo Regina para dejandonos saber que pasa para “Noticia” en Cuba. Es mas o menos 180 grados oposito de los noticieros aqui dicen de Cuba. que lastima que los dos medias de informacion son tan contaminado con propaganda y tan vacillo de noticia objectiva. Tu puede estar sugura que nosotros hemos montada una esfurza fenomenal para ayudar nuestra Hermanos y Hermanas en Haiti. Y no estoy hablando de gobierno de EEUU, pero de el pueblo. Gente comun como yo y mis amigos. Mandando $10- 20 dollars cada uno atraves organizaciones como “Mercy Corps” y Red Cross. Anque es verdad que nuestra gobierno como de Cuba han mandado mucho asistencia es el esfuerzo particular que me da pausa y un tiempocita a reflejarme que si somos una familia. Y no importa que dicen los politicos cuando uno necesita ayuda y los otros saben, estaremos alli.

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