Solidarity With Haiti

I didn’t know if I would write about Haiti.  The images are overwhelming.  The poorest country in the hemisphere has been hit by the worst natural catastrophe in memory.  Compared to such a huge tragedy our daily problems look ridiculous; who thinks about the problems of transportation, housing,food, freedom, when thousands of people are homeless, children are without families, mothers without children, where access to water is determined by physical force, where death shares the streets with the survivors, where the epidemics will not come too late to round out the misery.  If you who read me can help, help on my behalf as well.  Thank you very much.


One thought on “Solidarity With Haiti

  1. Though Cuba itself has more than a few problems (I’m not aware of any countries lacking problems), the island has contributed constructively to saving the lives of many people in Haiti today. Cuba sends what Haiti needs most: doctors, not soldiers.

    Even some of the island’s fiercest critics have the island’s contribution:

    Voice of America: Cuba Aids Haiti Relief

    Cuban Doctors save Lives in Haiti:


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