In a previous post I have discussed my dissatisfaction with the Cuban press, both print and television, because they are aways accommodating and never report the root of problems. My disappointment, abstract until then, had its embodiment one morning six or seven years ago while listening to the television magazine “Buenos Dias“. A well-known commentator on international affairs, a man who looked like a decent person in the best sense, devoted his airtime to a story with hints of a scandal. A leaked report of a secret meeting between representatives of major global companies in the Swiss city of Lugano. The super-capitalism were dividing the wealth of the world as a pie. I put the house work aside and paid close attention to the comment, and when it finished I went straight to the phone and I spoke with the commentator. I gave him my full name and explained that I had called to clarify a mistake. The Lugano meeting was the fruit of the imagination of an economist concerned about the negative side of globalization. The economist prepared with reliable data, The Lugano Report, a passionate fiction about the economy and power. I had being given the first edition in Spanish, and provided him, the commentator, data about the author. (Parenthetically, like so many other books that when I like them, I lend them, I lent The Lugano Report, and like many others, I lost it.) The journalist was very receptive, he asked for the publisher’s name to request a copy from his daughter living in Spain and thanked me for the call. Can you believe that the next day he spoke on the Report as if it were a real thing? I wanted to think it was an “order”, direct consequence of complying with an official version, because despite my disappointment he seemed to be a decent person. My husband simplifies matters “If he were really decent he would have refused to repeat a lie.” I prefer to think that the directors of the television magazine, or of the channel, or of the television, or the ideological department of the Central Committee*, thought that an economist born from the monster and criticizing the system was a bad example. In the end this was a Very Bad Example.

Translator’s note: Comite Central Del Partido Comunista de Cuba: Central Committee of Cuba’s Communist Party

Translated by: LJM


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