Another Look at a Current Event

I haven’t written about this topic so as not to provoke the hilarity of my companions in the Blogger Academy, with my comments about the difficulties of acquiring explosives.

In Cuba, where it is difficult to find anything, finding a little gun powder for fireworks, is impossible. Any substance that could potentially become an explosive device is out of reach for any citizen and very guarded in its storage. When film and television need pyrotechnics, the controls are very strict; only military advisers and trusted personnel can handle them. Many are unaware of the operation deployed in a military unit when a weapon or ammunition is lost. Keeping this in mind, how can anyone think that a Cuban, not only can reach U.S. territory with such substances, but get the explosives out of Cuba successfully? They overestimate Cuban citizens and underestimate the Cuban Government; If the Cuban Government has, presently, the need to conduct acts of terrorism on American soil, the assailants would never get out of Cuba or into the U.S. with a Cuban passport, and the CIA and FBI know this. This is another episode in the squabble among both governments. A squabble that at this time the Cuban government is winning. Including with this round, that so much protest has been generated in the national press is a triumph for the island government. The politicians are pulling the strings. The people? The people, resigned to go through the humiliation of body searches to be able to embrace their family and friends on the other side, thanks for asking.

Translated by: LJM


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