It’s Saturday night and they just showed La Ola (The Wave) on TV.  A German film about how, under certain circumstances, a political movement can arise that transforms an autocracy into a dictatorship.

 I saw the movie last year during the Movie Festival and I didn’t think they would show it again.  But to my surprise, the movie was shown in theaters a few weeks ago here in the capital and also on TV.

Since I had already seen the movie, I did a quick check of my block of all of the TVs that were on.  A lot of people were watching the ball game between the Industriales and Santiago, others were entertaining themselves with Japanimation cartoons, but most of the people were tuned to the star-studded musical on Cubavisión; I did not find anyone who was watching La Ola.

Ignorance?  Maybe, but even though the movie is excellent, Cubans are more interested in movies from Hollywood to the exclusion of European movies.  There also appears to be a big dose of apathy.  It’s the same thing that is wrong with Cuban versus Brazilian soap operas.  The public prefers the pretty faces and splendid places of “O Globo” to Cuban national TV, because the producers of Cuban shows try to connect us to reality, but the people who watch TV screens here see a reflection of themselves, and they don’t want it anymore, they see enough ugly things every day, enough is enough.  Maybe that’s why no one was interested in watching La Ola.


On Friday I had a magical afternoon; thanks to a friend who gave me an Internet connection card, I was able to see my blog first-hand.  You cannot imagine the happiness I felt when I saw so many encouraging comments and the map showing all the points around the world where people have accessed my blog.  My frustration was that I could not log on and tell them that I was on-line – because of my inexperience with technology:  I got nervous and due to my lack of skill, I forgot my password.  It’s true, the blog is bare bones, I appeal to my readerswhat is essential is invisible.

 Thank you so much, Yoani of Generation Y and Claudia of Octavo Cerco, without whom I would have continued to be unknown.  And thank you all for forgiving my bad handwriting.


3 thoughts on “SMALL SURGE

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  2. Querida Regina,
    Mil gracias para tu blog ” Malaletra”. Perdoname español soy un Americano y prefiero hablar en ingles. Your blog is one of my favorites along with Generacion Y y Octavo Cerco. I have lived in Cuba for about 3 years on and off since 1990 and mad more than 25 visits to the Island. SE dicen que tengo “Cubanitis”.
    Your writing is very genuine and accessable. It offers an honest and insightful view into the ordinary struggles and aspirations of many more like you but que no tienen los cojones o ablidades de hablar. Te felicito y te admiro.

    Con todo mi Corazon, Chiqui

  3. Dear Regina:
    I am the same age as that monster who took over your country, 85. When I was a young man of 16 in 1941, I worked on a ship and we visited Santiago de Cuba every two weeks. I remember the vibrant people, the industrious people, the stores all filled with Cubans and tourists, cars everywhere.

    Today my heart cries for the Cubans. Europe has thrown off the yoke of Communism, but Cubans must suffer each day of their lives and subjutgate their spirits to a tyrant.

    And now, we have a communist of our own, living in the White House. As do all communists, the truth is not on his tonque.

    I’m sorry about your fall. One day, perhaps, Karl Marx will be known as El Stupido, but now they continue to worship him in many of our schools.

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