I was thinking of writing about human rights, but my “extracurricular” activities kept me from doing so, and I am happy about this because yesterday I saw on television the “curricular” activities of the Cuban Government celebrating Human Rights Day.  Two things struck me about the meeting that took place in Mariana Grajales park at 23rd Street in Vedado:  The students who were interviewed expressed themselves so well, in contrast to what I have seen on the street and those who are asked about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These kids talked about education and health which makes Cuba an example of some kind, but they ignore other human rights, and it is not their fault, I do not remember seeing an explanation of the Declaration of Human Rights in any media coverage, even though this year was supposed to be the official celebration.  I forgive the students who were interviewed. But I can’t forgive the journalist who covered the event, because, for me, the conclusion of her report confirms that she knows about the mysterious Human Rights Declaration, she lies, because what I know is this, yesterday the “Ladies in White” were subjected to repression, yesterday my friend Juan Juan Almeida was “taken off the streets” for having said on Facebook that December 10th he would dress in black.  These are other ways of celebrating the same date.  It seems that some do not have human…rights.


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