My neighbor Yainerys and her boyfriend Frank wanted to be at the Lucas Awards presentation, the awards for the Cuban video clip.  Yainerys arrived early at the Karl Marx theater with the objective of purchasing the tickets.  Although the box office opening was announced for nine in the morning, at ten o’clock they had not yet sold a single ticket to the public that was milling about and a little bellicose under the theater marquee.  At ten-twenty they started loud protests with yells oscillating between ABUSERS and FREEDOM.  The police, who were probably there to keep the line in order, charged the crowd, and became more nervous due to the fact that telephones and cameras emerged from purses and pockets to graphically record the mess.  Now Yainerys does not know how to tell her mom that a policeman’s stick hit her sophisticated Siemens phone to the asphalt and her phone is now pretty much dead.  -I was lucky, because it did not hit my whole hand, I was typing an SMS [Text Message] to tell Frank that I was delayed and that I would not make my third class at school.


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