Instructive Parliament

I have a teenage son with whom I should make adjustments so I don’t “fall behind.”  Even though I try, I realize that the distance between us is inevitable. We love each other, we get along with each other well, however, there are topics about which we do not agree or about which I cannot understand his point of view because he belongs to this century and I belong to the prior one. I am talking about a strong filial relationship, so imagine the feeling that the unanimity of our Parliament gives me, where the representatives meet twice a year for three days. They are very enthusiastic in front of the camera, you can see the hands raised in unison, like people who make a wave in a soccer match, without anyone abstaining, much less anyone in disagreement, and seeing these things I think about my quarrels with my son and I feel that I am a failure because if they who are so numerous can agree so quickly about difficult issues like the economy! the economy! How am I unable to come to agreement with my teenage son at home. So that he may be consoled when I “impose on him,” I will tell him to watch TV on the 19th and 20th of this month to see the Parliamentary meetings and to look well on the faces that preside in that meeting. Those old faces, which remind us of melted candles, decide for him, for me and for eleven million Cubans who have yet to understand the explanation, how, if this is the most democratic parliament in the world, a candidate committee that nobody elects, elects half of the delegates of the 15 thousand delegates that are proposed by the districts and proposes (in reality: places) the other half by a cryptic but predictable criteria. I will see if after that my son again calls me old woman, antique and “out of fashion.”


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