They can give many explanations, and many justifications, but the Cuban government was unable to achieve labor productivity to ensure a basic food basket, and we have found ourselves forced to pay the high price of food staples on the world market, (yes, because we are the ones who pay).  Yes, we have been waiting fifty years for the U.S. invasion.  With what food would we withstand a real military blockade?  Or maybe the Cuban government always knew that possibility was not objective, or in an irresponsible way they were preparing us for a war without food.  I am more inclined to believe the first idea, since food production was never a priority except for those times when social unrest could spiral out of control.  Projects like the “Cordón de La Habana” [The Rope of Havana], “Banao” and the “Food Program,” each presented at one time as “the solution” are now part of the inventory of failures to which any adult Cuban could refer.  Now there is talk of granting land for urban agriculture and ecological farming, but they say so many things …


I hear on the TV news broadcast that there is an interactive forum for the last 50 years of the Cuban Revolution.  The reporter did not provide any specifics about the possibilities of participating in such a forum, I think it will take place at the National Library, but I would like to follow the news, they did not give the website address, but for the happy Internet users who read this, please help me to learn about the assessments made in this forum about which they will not speak on the news.  Thank you very much.


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