I thought of writing about the festive march against violence that took place yesterday on the central street, 23rd between the G and L streets and in honor of its theme it concluded without incidents.  A success.  A few blocks away, there was a performance of a different kind.  The blogger Yoani Sanchez accompanied by three friends were abducted, they were humiliated, they were threatened, and they were finally abandoned far away from the thunderstruck witnesses of the bus stop in front of which they were intercepted and prevented from protesting against violence.  A success.  The enemy was crushed and warned yesterday.  That’s the way it was.  But those who acted and who could be as young as those who marched against violence carried out an “appropriate” operation for delinquents, but not for people whose crime is to differ.  The favorite argument of those in power is that Yoani is a fabricated figure, they deceive themselves, Yoani was not made famous by the Prisa group, (the first time I heard of it I thought of a terrorist organization only to find out later that it is a publishing group), she was not made famous by the awards she has received and no one had to “sculpt her” for Yoani’s chronicles stand on their own for the manner they have been written and they reflect a Cuba that does not appear in the official media.  What has made Yoani a world famous woman is the refusal of the Cuban government to allow her to travel and that weighs upon her, the block they have on her website, the conviction that only by disguising herself could she succeed in entering a forum where the Internet was debated.  The savagery of yesterday has gone around the world and the power will call Yoani a clown, ambitious, an agent of the CIA, because they have more than sufficient experience in degrading adjectives.  But make no mistake, Yoani is made more famous by the actions of the government.  Someone told me that this disproportionate show of force to anything that Yoani does could obey the Theorem of Sandra, a sociological theorem in which only when everything gets worse, will change be achieved.  Nothing, maybe the agents of repression are working for the controversial Theorem. / /
A Link about the Theorem of Sandra


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